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DermaplanePro ProStart Kit Image DermaplanePro DVD Image DermaplanePro Marketing Essentials
DermaplanePro ProStart KitDermaplanePro Demonstration DVDDPro Dermaplaning Marketing Essentials

DermaplanePro ProStart Kit Each kit contains: - 1 oz. Skin Prep Solution - 3 Blades with attached plastic handle - 12 Individual Blades (Combination of Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel) - 1 Metal Handle - 1 Forceps - 1 1Qt. Sharps Container.

NEW DermaplanePro Demonstration DVD Our NEW DVD is longer and has a lot more information including a real time demonstration of the NuPeel Natural Enzyme. Get better, faster results with this informative DVD. Beginners: Learn the basics. (This is...

Our NEW Dermaplaning Marketing Essentials are the perfect way to educate your existing clientele and attract new clients who are looking for dermaplaning services. Have fun adding your logo, tag lines and other contact information to personalize...




10S Dermaplaning Blades #14 Blade Image Dermaplaning Blade w/Attached Handle Image
10S Dermaplaning Blades 25/pkDermaplanePro Dermaplaning #14 BladesDermaplanePro Dermaplaning #14 Blades w/Attached Handle
This 10S dermaplaning blades is sterile, surgical stainless steel and is the same shape as the "butter blade". While we love the shape of this blade, it does not stay sharp for a full treatment, so you may need 2 blades for each client. If you're...

Individual blades, perfectly designed for dermaplaning. Sterile, surgical stainless and/or carbon steel, one time use blades. Must be attached to and removed from metal handle using forceps or blade removal box (sold separately). 25 per package

Individually packaged, sterile and disposable, this single use blade comes pre-attached to a plastic handle. No loading/unloading blades or sterilizing handles. Easy & convenient - Stays sharp for full treatment. 12 per Box




#10 Blade Image Metal Handle Image DermaplanePro Skin Prep Solution Image
DermaplanePro Dermaplaning #10 Blades Metal Blade HandleDermaplanePro AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution 1oz.

Individually packaged, sterile, disposable, one time use #10 surgical blade. Must be loaded and removed from #3 handle using forceps or blade removal box (sold separately). 25 per package

Metal blade handle for use with disposable, single use surgical blades. Fits the #14, #10 and #10S blades. Medical grade, stainless steel. We recommend that you purchase 2 handles so you’ll always have one ready.

The DermaplanePro Skin Prep Solution has been formulated specifically for dermaplaning.  It leaves the client’s skin soft, smooth and dry with no residue.  




DermaplanePro Skin Prep Solution Image DermaplanePro AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution 8 oz. Image 2x2 Cotton Filled Gauze
DermaplanePro AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution 4 oz. DermaplanePro AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution 8 oz. 2" X 2" Cotton Filled Gauze Pads

The DermaplanePro Skin Prep Solution has been formulated specifically for dermaplaning.  It leaves the client’s skin soft, smooth and dry with no residue. 

Perfect for prepping your client's skin for dermaplaning, microdermabrasion or chemical peels.  This light "degreaser" contains NO alcohol, acetone, parabens, perfumes, or dyes.  Tested on enthusiastic estheticians - never on animals.

2x2 Cotton Filled Gauze Pads come 200 to a pkg. and are perfect for applying our Skin Prep Solution as well as your Chemical Peels. The open weave exterior is a little rough which helps drive products deeper into the skin than a smooth gauze....




NuPeel Natural Enzyme Image Forceps Image Dermaplaning Blade Removal Box Image
Theraderm NuPeel Natural EnzymeDermaplanePro ForcepsBlade Removal Box

The NuPeel Natural Enzyme is the perfect finish to your dermaplaning exfoliation. This cool gel feels so good on freshly dermaplaned skin and leaves your clients skin soft, smooth, glowing and renewed.

Perfect for removing used blades from the metal handle. Medical grade, stainless steel.

Blade Removal Box Makes removing used blades from the handle safer and easier. Box holds 100 used blades.




1 Quart Sharps Container Image DermaplanePro Training Image Dermaplaning Image
1 Quart Sharps ContainerDermaplanePro Private Training Ohio Hands-On Training

1 Quart Sharps Container Safely dispose of used dermaplaning blades and lancets. This 1 Qt. container takes up very little space while keeping you compliant with OSHA regulations for sharps disposal.

Private 3 Hour Hands-On Training Why travel to a crowded class when you can have a 3 hour private training at your location! Choose on-site or via FaceTime. Individual attention and coaching gives you the practice, experience and confidence you...

Why Take This One Day Workshop? You will learn pricing and marketing this very profitable service to new and existing clients, Proper documentation including intake and consent forms, How to integrate dermaplaning into your current backbar &...




Training Class Photo Spa Training Image
Arizona Hands-On TrainingDermaplanePro Private Spa Training

Hands-On Dermaplaning Class. Includes Hands-On Experience, Training Manual, DVD, Certificate, Lunch. This class will pay for itself in increased revenue and rebookings within the first month. 

Hands-On Spa Training Enjoy the convenience of staff training at your location while saving time and money by having us come to you. Live or via FaceTime we can have your staff ready to offer dermaplaning services to your clients on your...



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